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We use the files you created to produce the product or part you designed.

If your looking to produce a product, make a detailed part for your project or need help with where to start your project we can help. We can refer you to designer or engineer we work with.

 We are located close to Austin Hardwoods which we have used as a supplier for years. There is a huge difference in quality of plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard) and hardwoods as compared to the big box stores. 

It definitely will be evident in your final results. 

We don't stock sheet goods or lumber however this is suppliers we use:

You can check out their products here:

Austin Hardwoods



1275 W. Mississippi Ave.

Port Plastics 

5150 Havana St.

Denver, CO 80239



Piedmont Plastics 

303- 794-9823


5265 S. Rio Grande St

Littleton, CO 80120



"How much do you charge?"

Fees are based on machine time and shop labor. We calculate the time by downloading your file, reviewing your specifications and quantities.

"Can you guys make just one of these?"

Yes we'll do a one off production.

What is your turn around time?"

It really depends on workload here in the shop, but generally on mid-sized projects it runs 2-5 days. That being said, please ask about our current lead-times when you contact us.

 "What if we need a rush job?"

Give us a phone call and let's see what we could do to help

"Can you select our materials and pick them up for use in your shop?"

We offer a material pick-up service. Please ask when placing your order.

Pick up fees start at 30.00

"What other types of work do you guys offer?"

Hand sanding and routing, pocket hole fabrication, assembly, edge banding, joinery, palletizing, shrink wrapping  just to name a few.... give us a call and let's see how we can assist you.

"Can I bring my own materials?"

Many of our clients do. The important detail to remember is with sheet goods such as plywoods, plastic etc. they must remain flat. If these sheets are allowed to deform it has a direct impact on finished quality.  

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Mixing Old Craftmanship with Modern Technology

This small footprint shop has the ability to produce large results by working lean.

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Quality Still Matters Here In My Shop

Never underestimate the time that's required for perfect results.